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Stepping back

Snowshoeing above Hope Valley

In April we made an impromptu weekend trip to the mountains. We'd been wanting to check out Sorensen's Resort since driving past it years ago, so we called them up and were lucky to get a reasonable last-minute reservation, as ski season had just ended, but it was still too snowy to do much else.

And did we luck out! There was still about six feet of snow on the ground, but daytime temperatures were in the 60s. Perfect for snowshoeing... in shorts and t-shirts. It was heavenly. And a little surreal.

Snowshoeing above Hope Valley

Sorensen's is a cluster of cozy cabins surrounding an excellent restaurant nestled into the beautiful, peaceful Hope Valley south of Lake Tahoe. It's off the beaten path, but close enough to Tahoe that you can drop into "town" for dinner, groceries or whatever. At night, it feels like it's a million miles from anywhere. In the summer, it's a great area for cycling or hiking. (We'd stayed nearby in Markleeville for bike racing the previous two summers.)

We did a little hiking, a little showshoeing, and a lot of eating. I got a massage and we baked ourselves in the wood-fired Finnish sauna. Like, literally, I don't remember the temperature inside, but I remember thinking it was about 30 degrees hotter than the sauna at the gym.

And then on the way home, we stopped at a VFW hall in a little unincorporated town in Calaveras County to visit a memorial marker that has my grandma's name on it... and Dave got bitten on the calf by a crazy pit bull. But maybe that's a story for another day.

November 2, 2010 11:03 PM

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