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On fire


The Giants just won the World Series, it's close to midnight, and I'm listening to the SF police scanner on SomaFM. What it sounds like is mild mayhem. The police on the radio are describing riotlike situations in pretty calm voices. This is weird. They are talking about storefronts being broken into, streets covered in broken glass, officers being pelted with full alcohol bottles. It doesn't sound like the situation is at all under control.

Speaking of situations, I haven't blogged since Dec. 1 of last year. I miss it, but my energies have been directed elsewhere. So will I try to blog every day this November, as I have for the past several years? We'll see. Will I follow a theme? Maybe it will be orange, in honor of the Giants' Orange October. Or maybe not. Will I remember how to use Movable Type after a year elbow-deep in Wordpress? TBD.

November 1, 2010 11:59 PM


Yay, I have missed you on the Internet. It was mild mayhem, with a few doses of mellow small-scale rioting.

Love your fire. It looks very cozy and comfy.

yeah! I miss your witty posts!!!

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