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Fear the Beard

Pipe organ in the cathedral

Me: What do you want for Hanukkah?

Him: I want the Giants to win the World Series. And I got that. So there's nothing you can get me that will make me any happier.

Me: :\

Just for the record, Amazon thinks that women want perfume, jewelry, UGG boots and chick flick DVDs, while men want grilling accessories, expensive watches, and poker-night gear. What universe are they living in?

I am thinking of making a gift guide for my workplace and it includes things like really nice (and durable, practical, comfy) SmartWool socks and sweaters, a cool knife and folding cutting-board set, YakTrax, great water bottles (I think you can never have too many; Dave begs to differ) and travel mugs, snowshoes, extremely portable coffee makers, the latest headlamps and bike lights (which are amazing!), ski lift tickets, extremely functional luggage, and useful camera accessories.

I'd like to think that these are things that help create great experiences... they're not just stuff. Nothing against jewelry, but I think Amazon could encourage us to be a little more adventurous.

November 5, 2010 10:20 PM


I'm very excited for your gift guide.

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