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Waiting for BART

Waiting for BART

Our plane from Chicago landed at SFO at 11pm last night, almost an hour ahead of schedule. Good thing, because by the time we got out of the terminal we had just a few minutes to spare before the final BART train of the evening pulled into the airport station. And we caught the second-to-last bus from our BART stop in the city to our street.

Including BART and bus fare, the round trip to the airport and back cost us $40, which is just a little less than a shuttle van would have cost. This year BART added an additional $2.50 surcharge to the regular train fare into the airport, a charge I find annoying and baffling. Shouldn't they be encouraging people to take public transit to the airport? For shorter trips, this fare increase would definitely be an incentive to drive to the airport for most people, especially if they are traveling with more than 2 people. If three people are paying $60 round-trip on public transit, it would be cheaper to park in long-term or off-site parking for three or four days and avoid the hassle of schlepping luggage around on public transit, missing a bus, etc.

Even worse, airport employees have to pay the surcharge just to get to work and back.

And: my brand-new Translink fare card didn't work the way it's supposed to. Although the bus driver was nice about it and didn't make me pay cash when my card failed me.

On the bright side, I hardly ever fly anywhere anymore, so I won't have to worry my little head about this stuff for a good long while.

November 29, 2009 2:49 PM


Don totally agrees w/ you on the surcharge.