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Not a bridge, but bridgelike in some ways

Baha'i Temple

It's beautiful, and I've walked and driven by many times, but I have never gone inside.

We drove by today on our traditional post-Thanksgiving pilgrimage: we visit family on the North Shore, then drive along the lake down to Evanston to see what has changed since our undergrad years at Northwestern. It's always quite different, and generally the changes are good. But one thing we were delighted to notice this time was that Kafein, a favorite college hangout of ours, was still there. They haven't even changed the very 90s-looking awning.

Along the way I wondered how baffled and entertained our 20-year-old selves would have been to see our 30-something-year-old selves trying to figure out the satellite radio and navigation in our borrowed car. I'm pretty sure our minds would have been blown.

November 27, 2009 7:49 PM