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What do I blog about?

I was asked this question a hundred times over the weekend at the BlogHer conference. I asked it just as many times of other women. For anyone who writes a personal blog about their life, it's a question that's impossible to answer with a quick, catchy one-liner.

Here's one way to answer, courtesy of Wordle.

Wordle tag cloud

So yeah, I guess I blog about racing triathlons. And maybe some other stuff too.

BlogHer was a great experience, and I was impressed by the diversity of the bloggers and their subject matter. Sure, it seemed like 90% of the blogs fit into one of three or four categories (motherhood, food, depression, weight-loss), but there was lots of other interesting subject matter covered. Notably underrepresented in my eyes, though, were the endurance-sports bloggers.

I met a few. Clair from Endorphin Addict is right here in my hometown. Jill from GlossyVeneer is training for a marathon with Team in Training. And Lisa at Workout Mommy is a marathon runner who now helps moms work fitness into their lives. The latter two were at a Health and Fitness Bloggers gathering, which was attended by about 30 people, most of whom blog about health or non-endurance sports.

But I know there are thousands of women out there blogging daily about their marathon and triathlon training, their journey to their first 5k or their tenth Ironman. Why weren't any of them at BlogHer? Are long Saturday rides and runs too precious to give up for a day at a conference? (My answer: Not at all, it was totally worth it.) I posted to the women's section of a notable triathlon forum about a month ago to see if any of the women there were attending BlogHer. Many of those women are dedicated bloggers, but the response was silence.

I think that endurance-athlete bloggers take their blogging as seriously as the mom bloggers and the foodies. So I'm puzzled about this absence. I suppose it could be sheer numbers at work here. Even though I could easily put together a list of hundreds of women who blog about running or hiking or bicycle touring, maybe we're a very small percentage of the overall female blogging population.

Any thoughts on this? And if I start now, do you think I can get a good group rounded up for next year's conference?

July 21, 2008 11:49 PM


I'm sure you could. You made Blogher sound like so much fun that I may start blogging just so I can go next year!

I agree, there was a lack of endurance athlete bloggers there. I would love to see more of them. (I also mentioned to my roommates that I would love to see some sports schwag distributed there instead of soooo much mommy-blog related stuff, but that might be a far-fetched wish!)

I'd support your efforts to try encouraging more athlete-bloggers to get together. I would be really interested in attending that kind of meet-up!

Since you mentioned it, I actually had a moment of conflict about missing my weekend long run for this conference. But I sucked it up, did my long run on Thursday before flying out and did shorter runs around downtown SF while there!

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I suppose the conference might have lost quite a few athletes to Vineman that weekend. Plus it's the height of tri season, it's possible that many women simply couldn't afford a peak weekend off of training. I'll confess though I probably wouldn't have gone even if I lived in town because my thought would have been, hey, it's summer, who wants to waste a precious weekend sitting inside talking about writing about training when I could be out there doing it for real? On the other hand I'll bet quite a few of the mommy bloggers don't work or only work part time so giving up the weekend isn't quite as big of a deal and is maybe even a nice break for them.

Wish I could have been there. I love wordle.net I had forgotten about it. But I'm going to make a baby gift out of it now!

I wish races would consider what kind of swag they give away. So much crap from NYC tri!