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BlogHer swag

I have returned from an exhausting and exhilarating visit to BlogHer '08 and it will take a while to process my thoughts about the whole thing. But it took me just a few seconds to dump all the stuff I picked up onto the dining room table and take a few photos of it.

This is only about half of the stuff I actually got between the official swag bag, several party bags, and the exhibitor giveaways. A company called Zwaggle sponsored a recycling room where we could unload any freebies we didn't want, or pick up things we did want that other people had dumped. I am all about freecycling so I thought this was a fantastic idea. I made use of the recycling room to lighten my load by several pounds and pick up a few items.

The impulse is strong at these events to pick up anything that is not tied down. Seriously, you say the word "free" and people are on your doodad pile like fruit flies on a rotting banana. I didn't pick up even half of the stuff being handed out -- I just couldn't justify schlepping around an inflatable infant CPR doll, even though it seemed like a cool (and perhaps creepy) flickr photo essay in the making -- but obviously I was well helped when it came to freebies. I really don't need any more stuff, and I wish I had come home with even less of it.

The useful stuff is cool. Samples of interesting products? Okay. Discounts? I'm happy to participate in that. But the pens, toys, and gewgaws? Landfill fodder. If I had kids these items might find a second life, but right now they're clutter.

Next time I'll be more judicious about what exactly I take home. Until then, anyone want a DVD of The Closer?

July 19, 2008 11:52 PM


Hey! Thanks for using the recycling center, and helping raise the consciousness of companies who send items to conferences that are likely to get tossed. For years and years, there was little thought to what kind of waste conferences could generate, until BlogHer. So thanks for participating, and thanks to BlogHer for breaking new ground in responsible conferencing.

nice to meet you at blogher!!! xo

Dude, how'd I miss the peanut butter? At least I found the Sesame Street cookies.