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Getting away

As I was saying, we went to the far outskirts of the Tahoe region for the weekend, and it was simply wonderful. No buzzing cell phones, no glowing laptop screens. Just the two of us and our bikes.

Dave raced in the Diamond Valley Road Race in and around Woodfords (population 150, elevation 5617'). The course was gorgeous; I rode a couple of laps around the 11-mile loop and took some photos. The day was beautiful, sunny and clear.

Diamond Valley RR

After the race and some lunch we trekked out to the Grover Hot Springs, which seem to be the big attraction in the area. The spring itself was pretty cool -- 148-degree water coming right out of the ground! -- but we decided against getting into the spring-fed pool, crowded as it was with kids. And adults.

Starting to get a little hazy

Later in the afternoon we wandered to the Markleeville town park, where a bluegrass band played, kids romped in the grass, and dogs wrestled. We hung out there until we got hungry, and then walked up the hill to Villa Gigli for dinner. The food was excellent and the setting was breathtaking. Especially since the air was starting to get a little hazy. I swore I could smell a faint hint of smoke.


And then we stopped in at the Wolf Creek bar to hear some more live music and enjoy a pint of local pale ale. We had eaten dinner there the night before and the Coppertunes played the exact same set as the previous night. They were good, don't get me wrong, but I'd think the regulars would demand a little more variety. By the way, if you ever eat here, get the BBQ chicken. It was heavenly. And the restaurant staff was as friendly as they come.

Wolf Creek Restaurant & Bar

There's more to tell, but I have a zillion more photos to look through. For now I'll leave you with a joke, courtesy of the bluegrass band playing in the park on Saturday afternoon.

Q: If you drop a banjo and an accordion off the top of the Empire State Building, which one will land first?

A: Who cares?!


July 28, 2008 10:37 PM


Now doesn't that make you want to try the Death Ride?