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Life is Good, reasons 1 through 3

This morning I put on my running shoes and ran out to the beach and back. Today was a rare sunny summer day in San Francisco. It was spectacular outside. Reason 1 is that this is such a great place to live and run, and because I can decide on a whim to run for an hour and a half. I never would have imagined that five years ago.

Reason 2 is that I am blogging from our new kitchen table, which we had custom-built by a neighborhood store to fit the odd space at the end of our kitchen. We painted the table a buttery yellow to match the 1940s tile and pulled two bar stools up to it. The table looks out into our back yard and the kitchen is flooded with sunlight. Heavenly.

Reason 3 is live bluegrass at the Plough & Stars.

Flowers in Golden Gate Park.

August 27, 2005 3:52 PM



I have played at the Plough and Stars!

No way! When and with whom?

Well, it had to be four years ago now. I was out visiting and they had a session...and the "band" asked me to play. It was way cool.

The goal now is to get my band outthere.